We love our beer and take its provenance, cellaring and serving very seriously. We have an excellent line-up of premium lagers and four changing local cask ales on handpump as well as a mouthwatering selection of bottled beers from around the world. We are also lucky enough to have some of the country's very best independent and artisanal cider producers right on our doorstep so cider drinkers are always spoilt for choice too.



Anchor Steam Beer, USA, Californian Common Beer, 355ml 4.7%
Brooklyn Lager, USA, Vienna Style Amber Lager, 355ml, 5.1%
Brooklyn Stout, USA, Imperial Stout, 355ml, 10.6%
Budweiser Budvar, Czech Rep, Pilsner, 330ml 5.0%
Chimay White, Belgium, Trappist (Triple Style), 330ml, 8.0% 3.90 
Coopers Sparkling, Australia, Sparkling Ale, 330ml 5.8% 4.20
Duvel, Belgium, Strong Blonde Ale, 330ml 8.5% 5.50
Estrella Damm, Spain, Pilsner, 330ml 5.2% 3.20
Leffe Blonde, Belgium, Blonde Abbey Ale, 330ml 6.6% 4.20
Meantime Lager, London, Vienna Style Lager, 4.9% 3.30
Moor JJJ, Somerset, IPA, 500ml 9.0% 9.00 
Orval, Belgium, Trappist (Triple Style). 330ml 9.5% 5.00
Schneider Weisse, Germany, Bavarian Heffe Weisse, 500ml 5.4% 5.00